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Having originally trained with KB Pro, Abigail has gone on to train with multiple UK renowned trainers picking up different tips and tricks along the way. She has now developed her own, unique style specialising in natural look brows - because natural never goes out of fashion! Abigail specialises in many different eyebrow techniques and can offer ALL styles found on the market. Take a look below!


At Lulu Cosmetics, we offer a range of Brow styles. See the list below for a detailed description of each style. Not sure which is best for you? Book a FREE non-obligation consultation using the link below.



Nanoblading. The most natural form of semi-permanent makeup using an ultra-fine needle to create hyper realism brows. Hair stokes are placed throughout the brow creating in appearance of a fuller brow. No shading is used. 


A bold, statement brow using the digital machine. No hair strokes but a faded shade throughout the brow. Bold when first done but heals to be much softer. Gives the effect of a sculpted, powdered makeup. 


A combination brow, combining Nanobladed hair strokes and shading throughout the middle and tail of the brow. This can give a fuller look towards the tail of the brow, or shading throughout the brow to add depth, thickness and a seamless blend within the Nanobladed hair strokes 


Having trained with the iconic Tracie Giles in Knightsbridge, London, our Semi-permanent makeup artist offers a modern, softer twist on lip tattooing. Rather than a full, bold lip colour, we offer Lip Blush Contouring, shading from the lip line to the centre of the lip creating a fuller pout and softer application of colour, whilst maintaining a defined lip line. Offering a range of colours and customer colour blends, this treatment can be catered specifically to you. 

Watercolour lips is our newest lip technique, adding an overall tint to the lips. Think of this as a tinted vaseline! With no harsh lip boarder, this creates an overall tone on the lips with pixelated shading over the entirety of the surface of the lips (no contouring). This technique is extremely natural and simply gives the look of healthy, perfectly toned lips to complement your lip shape and complexion. See some great examples of this style below.

Permanet Lip Makeup


Do you want to define the eyes without anyone knowing you've had anything done?! Our 'has she or hasn't she' treatment! Soft pixilated pigment is implanted through the lash line to create fuller and thicker looking lashes. Available in the deepest black pigment or a soft brown, this treatment frames the eyes, enhancing the eye colour. This is our most comfortable treatment, with clients feeling very minimal discomfort and a short 45 minutes treatment time. Low swelling, low maintenance, easy treatment!

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