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Brow Styling. What's it all about and what are we using?

So you've booked your brow treatment, you're loving your results but now you want to know the best products to style that fluffy brow. Fear not, we've got you. Whether it's a pencil to fill in your sparse areas or a powder to create an all over bolder brow; we've asked our girls and searched the web to find the nations favourite products so you don't have to!

We took a look at the most popular beauty sites worldwide to find out the worlds favourite brow products because who better to ask than, well, everyone? Looking at the best sellers and the stand out, highest reviewed products, we have found the most common, most loved products sitting in everyones makeup bags.

With Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills having multiple products in our hit products list, lets see who is loving what.

ULTA BEAUTY/DEBENHAMS: Over 5,000 people are LOVING the Benefit, Precisely My Brow Pencil, with over 4,000 5 star ratings. This is a top brow product for our friends across the pond with one consumer writing "This brow pencil is just perfect. No, SERIOUSLY! Perfect!" This product also landed top with the consumers of Debenhams Department store, with 80% of reviews rating it 4 or 5 stars.

£21.50 / 12 shades available / A Pencil and comb.

MACY'S: Another international company, the USA's answer to Selfridges, Macy's are loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. A popular product here in the UK, this is a retractable brow pencil & comb, perfect for creating crisp, brow hairs. Best used for building a natural brow!

£23.00 / 10 shades available / A Brow Pencil and comb.

BOOTS: Over 500 people have listed the NYX Micro Pencil as their top brow product on Perhaps a dupe for the above, this has a much cheaper price point and can be found in shops across the UK. The perfect product for creating ultra fine hair strokes - but don't twist it up too much or it will snap! You have been warned people.

£10.00 / 8 shades available / Pencil with brow comb.

SELFRIDGES: Over to a brow gel now, the Benefit Clear 24 Hr Brow Setter came top of the list at Selfridges. A universal product, suitable for all brow styles, skin tones and brow colours, this is the perfect setting product. (We recommend this paired with our Brow Fix Treatment to set your new fluffy brows for, well... a 24 hour budge proof fix!)

£21.50 / Clear / Clear setting gel with Brow wand.

BEAUTY BAY: One of the largest makeup websites in the UK with the highest range of brands, the consumers of Beauty Bay chose Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo as their must have product. A small compact containing two complementary light and dark powders, this is a fool proof, easy application product for both beginners and pro MUA's.

£24.00 / 11 shades available / A Brow Powder.

CULT BEAUTY: Like their 'rival' company, Cult Beauty are loving ABH Brow Powder, with their top listed product the pro version of the above, Brow Powder Duo. A book style product with all 11 shades of the duo powder with an extra Brow Primer product. An expensive option but cheaper than buying all 11 shades individually! The perfect MUA tool.

£90 / all 11 shades + brow primer / PRO Brow Palette

SPACE NK: It's no surprise that our premium retailer like a little luxury, with the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumising Fibre Gel landing in the top spot. Like the Benefit Brow setter, this is a brow wand style product but with the added magic of a tinted gel + fibres to make the brows appear fuller and fluffier. A slightly higher price point but a beautiful product with a small brush head allowing you to really get through those brow hairs.

£25.00 / 6 shades available / Tinted setting gel with brow wand.

FEEL UNIQUE: Another makeup heavy website with a variety of products, Feel Unique are also ABH fans with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade as their fave. As with the powders, there are 11 shades available. This is the perfect product for that sculpted brow. Use a flat brush horizontally to carve out the brow or flip it vertical to create those fluffed up hair strokes. A budge proof, tried and true brow product.

£19.00 / 11 shades available / A Brow Pomade (a thick, creamy gel consistency).

LOOK FANTASTIC: A similar site to above, retailing a wide range of brands, the Look Fantastic consumers put the Benefit Goof Proof pencil as their best rated product with a score of 4.4 stars. Similar to the Precisely My Brow and the NYX Micro pencil, the Goof Proof pencil is a retractable pencil but with a thin, triangular tip allowing you to add detail with the sharp end and turn it on its side to fill the brows. A 2 in 1 product with the same benefit brow price point.

£21.50 / 12 shades available / A Brow Pencil & comb.


So there you have the best of the best according to most popular stores and online sites in both the USA and UK. But, why stop there? We asked our members of staff to list their favourite, only thing they'd take to a deserted island, brow products to give you some first hand feedback. Here are the products that made the list:

- The Nouveau Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum

"This serum keeps my brows in shape and in great condition after having the brow fix. It has amazing staying power, lasts all day and doesn't clump or go too crispy. It also makes my Brow Fix last even longer so it's a must have!" *available to purchase in the clinic.

"I'm obsessed with this product. It gives that natural fluffy look to the brows and sit perfectly with my Brow Fix brows, fixing them in place all day!"

"The perfect brow duo for long lasting brows. It comes with both a brow wax and setting powder in a small compact. l I love using this on the arches of my brows to sculpt them out and I know it will last me from morning till night. It's just amazing".

"This pencil gives that hair stroke effect and stays all day. It's great for fine details and creating a realistic, natural brow."

"After using the Mac Pencil, I use this gel to give extra darkness and depth to the tails of my brows. It's also great for fluffing up my brows and keeping them set in place. My ultimate combo".

"This is the best brow setting product. Other tinted products can be too thin in consistency and get all over my skin when I'm combing through my brow hairs. This is the perfect consistency plus it has microfibres to make the brows look fuller. I just wish it was a little bigger!"

"I used to absolutely love this product. It was great for carving out my brows and creating a long lasting, sculpted shade. Since having them Microbladed I no longer need such a heavy product to opt for a simple brown shadow." (A pro tip - brown eyeshadows are fab for a subtle, soft brow fill!)

So, what are you waiting for? Get online, get to the shops and get stocking up your makeup bags full with these incredible products, without the added stress of not knowing what to buy! If you feel your brows need a little more than just product, come and see us for some relaxing brow styling. The Brow Fix, The Brow Design and Semi-permanent makeup are available Tuesday - Saturday in our Clifton Village Clinic.

But, for now. As always, we'll see you soon.


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