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Let's get glam... and take it off again. We asked our staff their Makeup + Skincare must haves.

Whether its Youtube, Instagram or otherwise, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting makeup that actually works. Buzz words like 'glow' 'dewy' 'lasts 24 hours!' always catch my eye but lets be honest, how many of them actually live up to their promises. I don't know about you, but skincare can be the most daunting aisle in the shop with 2 million brands, a 5 step face wash routine and a whole host of different price points. Rather than sift through the masses, both in-store and online, we want to make it a little easier for you and give you the low down on our number one products.

We asked our staff their ride or die, can't live without, take to the grave with them makeup and skincare products from their fave foundations to their star of the makeup bag, queen of the bathroom sink. Lets take a look.

And yes, we have linked all of the products, keeping them to the same or similar sites. Cos' we're just that good to you. You're welcome!



Position: Clinic Owner & Head Aesthetics Clinician

Skin type: Often changes. Generally dry skin texture, intermittently oily.

My Go to! I use this cleanser every single night and it has resulted in my skin being flawless. The best thing you can do for your skin is a hot to cold cloth compress with a cleansing balm. The balm itself feels like a spa treatment. Simply massage the balm into your skin, press a hot, damp muslin cloth onto your skin to open up your pores + repeat until the cleanser is removed and the skin is clean. Finish with a damp, cold compress to close the pores. My Spa in a Jar!
My fave foundation has got to be the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation. It is so lightweight, it's literally a thin liquid but is still very buildable so you can really get any amount of coverage you want whilst still having a glow without the sticky, oily shine. I like to mix it with highlighter drops for the ultimate glow - can you ever be TOO glowy?! It really is the only foundation like it.

Fave Other Product: Iconic London Brow Silk and Brush £20

My fave brow product! Perfect if you like the natural, fluffy look and avoid a filled in, drawn-on brow. What's even better is that it replicates the result given by our number one brow treatment - The Brow Fix. I love it for in-between treatments to keep the brows tame, brushed up and super fluffy with amazing staying power and NO CLUMPS!



Position: Clinic Manager & Brow Stylist/SPMU

Skin type: Combination/normal with acne prone chin area.

Fave Skincare Product: Pixi Glow Tonic £18

I just cannot live without this product. For years, I felt like I was using toners because I was told I should, not really knowing what they did or their purpose (except for using up all of my cotton wool for no real reason!) This Glow Tonic is 5% Glycolic Acid which is amazing for acne prone skin. I notice such a difference if I 'forget' (get too lazy) to put it on at night and each morning. Simply cleanse your skin, pat dry and use a cotton pad to wipe the Tonic over the skin. An absolute game changer for glowing, clear skin!

Fave Foundation Product: Garnier Oil Free Light BB Cream £9.99

So, bear with me here. I know what you're thinking. Garnier, isn't that for Anti-ageing products from 2010? Trust me, this super affordable BB Cream is the perfect low coverage product with a gorgeous undertone. I suffer from spots on my chin area and dark circles under my eyes. However, the rest of my skin is very clear so I don't like a heavy coverage on the rest of my face. I use this as my base, concealing my problematic areas with a heavier coverage product. This product is buildable, lasts all day due to the oily-free formula and the price point is just delightful. A must have in my makeup bag. (plus it's always on sale in stores because lets be honest, Garnier is a little forgettable at times!)

Fave Other Product: The Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette £37

Although I don't use this product everyday, I really can't fault it. It has every transition colour you could ever possibly need, beautifully formulated mattes that are SO easy to blend and buttery shimmers that last all night. Not to be confused with her epic fail, the 'Morphe Vault Collection', lets not talk about that one... Anyway, when I travel I know this is the only palette I need to take as it covers all looks, and for the price, it's literally just over £1 per shadow, I can't complain!



Position: Skin Specialist - The Queen of Glow!

Skin type: Combination. Very dry on nose and chin, oily forehead.

Fave Skincare Product: BHA Chemical Exfoliator By Face Theory £18.99

I cannot live without this product. As much as I take the best care of my skin, we can never predict those random breakouts. This product is my go to whenever I get an unexpected blemish. It helps to kill spots in their tracks and makes such a difference clearing up my complexion. Salicylic acid is a key ingredient that I look for in this type of product, fighting whiteheads, acne and blackheads. The best of the best ladies and gents!
This foundation is GREAT for combination skin. It helps give me that dewy glow without making me look oily. The price point is higher than high-street but you get a luxury product without the mega high luxury price point (Pat Mcgrath, we're looking at you!) Plus being a busy, working mum, it's super long wearing without the need to reapply during the day - something I don't have time to do!
Yes this may seem pricey for 3 brushes but the way these brushes apply my base makeup, you really can't put a price on it. They apply my foundation flawlessly giving an even coverage, using less product than a sponge so saving more money in the long run. Paired with my HUDA Beauty Foundation, these brushes are a DREAM.



Position: Makeup Artist - Glam Expert!

Skin type: Combination. Dry nose area with oily forehead.

Fave Skincare Product: Dove Soap, Natural Sponge & Nivea Thick Moisturiser

(yes, she is one of the lucky ones with beautiful skin!)

I actually don't use much skincare! I simply exfoliate my skin with warm water, a natural sponge and Dove soap. Quick and easy when you have a two year old! I find anything stronger isn't necessary for my skin as I have relatively clear skin and only wear makeup on occasion. I moisturise every morning and night with the Nivea Thick Moisturiser which works really great on my skin. A super, simple easy skincare routine!

Fave Foundation Product: Milani 2-in-1 Foundation £13.99

I LOVE this product. Usually you think 2-in-1, you're getting half the benefits for the same price. This really isn't the case with this foundation. It is a great full coverage product without feeling heavy or looking cakey. It's so affordable, sits nicely on any skin type (I use it on lots of my clients!) and lasts all day.
This is the perfect gold pigment. It goes with every eye colour as it is a beautiful universal gold tone with a slight silver undertone that shines through so it hits the light perfectly. It goes lovely with a brown smokey eye (my go to look!) and lasts all night. Plus you can get it from Pretty Little Thing so you can pop it in your basket with your latest clothing haul and save on postage!


So you've got the makeup and skin low down from our lovely ladies but you're still a makeup newbie or struggle to maintain your skin with products alone? We offer makeovers by Leah every Saturday in our Clifton Village clinic, getting you glam for all occasions. Simply book HERE. Nice and easy!

As for skincare, let me leave that to Sophie, our incredible Skin Specialist. Sophie offers the Dermaplane facial (the ULTIMATE manual exfoliation removing all of that built up makeup!), the iconic Million Dollar Facial, Chemical Peels, Skin Needling and Mesotherapy. However, before we get too complicated and take you straight back to that overwhelming skincare aisle - lets make it simple. Check out our skincare page on our website explaining each treatment in much more detail.

Keep an eye out for our Q&A's with all of our staff for all things Aesthetics, Skincare, Brows and Glam. But for now, we'll see you soon. Xo

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