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So you're thinking about Brows. Aren't we all?

I don't know about you, but I cannot scroll down my Instagram feed for more than 2 minutes before I hit a brow picture. Or at least, a stunning model or celeb with the most incredible brows you didn't know possible unless sat upon Cara Delevingnes' face. Frustrating right?

Let me introduce you to, The Brow Fix.

A brand new treatment to the UK, famous on the catwalks of Moscow, The Brow Fix is our newest enhancement to Lulu Cosmetics and we are all going a little mad for it. Finally a solution to my sad, messy, unkept brows. TELL ME MORE?!

Like the iconic LVL Lash Lift, The Brow Fix lasts 6-8 weeks, relaxing the brow hairs thus allowing them to be set in a new, more uniformed position. For some, this may be a sleek brow with fluffy fronts, or it may be a brushed up, bushy brow - whatever floats your boat. That is the beauty of this incredible treatment. However you choose to brush your brows that morning, that is how they shall stay. Add a little clear brow gel and you are good to go.

This treatment is paired with a wax, thread, trim and tint, tidying up any loose ends and giving you a beautiful, uniformed colour to match your new fabulous brows. The best part is, you can come back every 5 weeks so your brows will remain looking their best AT. ALL. TIMES.

To book this brand new treatment, CLICK HERE.

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