The doctor cosmetologist makes Lip augme


The Lulu Lip is our custom lip enhancement. This allows clients to make use of our advanced injection methods to create a much more tailored look. This can include Microdroplets, Keyhole work or lip tenting.


Micro-droplets are small droplets of hyaluronic acid dermal filler, injected into the cupids bow and border of the lips using a much smaller, targetted needle which in tern distributes micro amounts of product. The goal is to prevent lumps, bumps, and create a smooth, uniform finish. The perfect enhancement for someone with a smaller natural lip.


Lip tenting is the method of turning out the edges of the lip. This is a great technique for those with turned in lip edges that can often make the top lip appear smaller. By tenting the edge of the lip, the lip line is lifted and turned outwards to create a fuller lip shape. We have great examples of this on our Instagram feed. An excellent technique for asymmetries or naturally smaller lips.


The keyhole method is an Angelina Jolie inspired pout using thread to create a much more full and cushioned bottom lip using nano needles with a combination of our classic injection method for a specifically tailored look.


The Lulu Lip is only available in 1ml and can be tailored to your exact request using a combination of the above techniques to get optimal results from your Lip Enhancement.



As well as creating beautiful lips, our Head Aesthetics clinician Tallulah further focuses her expertise on correctional lip work. If you have had filler injected that you are not happy with, please get in touch and book a FREE consultation to discuss correction methods or dissolving.