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Not sure about Lip Filler? Here is everything you need to know and more.

At Lulu Cosmetics, our lip enhancements are simply not one size fits all.

We offer a variety of different techniques and products, ensuring each enhancement is specifically tailored to each client, as no two lips are the same - right?! What is perfect for your best friend, may not be the best method for you. As much as we can enhance the lips and emphasise their best qualities, we cannot give you an entirely new set of lips (yes, sadly Angelina Jolie is the sole owner of that perfect pout!)

However, we have a range of techniques and tricks to get you one step closer to the lips of your dreams and give Jolie a run for her money.

Now, lets talk brands. There are a variety of different brands on the market, all claiming to do a variety of different things. We have the iconic Juvederm® Smile to our trusted and true Restylane® but what do all of these brand names mean?! Lucky for you, that is for your expert technician to worry about. In the same sense that the technique used on your bestie may not work for you, this goes for filler brands as well so take that off your worry list!

As for technique, we have a variety of different tricks and techniques to create the perfect pout for you. See the styles below for an idea of what to expect - lets get technical.


Yes ladies and gents, this enhancement has been done using the classic 0.5ml lip enhancement technique. We have focused the enhancement on the lip line, creating a more defined pout rather than focusing on central volume as this client already has lovely, full lips.

0.5ml is the perfect amount to redefine the lip line and soften the overall lip texture without adding excess volume to already beautifully full lips.


Ah, a classic 1ml enhancement. This clients main complaint was the texture of her lips. Due to the depth of the lines, particularly seen in the bottom lip, we used 1ml of filler to add volume, enough to smooth out the creases in the bottom lip.

This client also wanted projection, volume and a better top to bottom ratio with overall smoothness to the lips so 1ml was the perfect method.


The perfect example of using 0.5ml to enhance the clients pre-existing beautiful lip shape. Using this amount of filler, we focused in on her already outlined cupids bow but added further definition, creating a better top to bottom lip ratio.

As this client already has a full lip shape, we chose to opt for the classic injection method with focus on the cupids bow rather than Micro-droplets.


For this enhancement, we used Micro-droplet lip contouring. Micro-droplets are tiny amounts of filler injected into the lips with a much smaller needle, leaving a soft, undetectable, smooth finish. This technique is the answer to fuller lips without the look of filler.

As this client already had great volume, we focused this enhancement on her upper lip, using a lip tenting technique to flip out the edges, creating an even top to bottom lip ratio - not forgetting the cupids bow of course!


Similar to the enhancement above, we used Micro-droplet lip contouring and lip tenting on this enhancement, with the main focus on flipping out the upper lip.

In the before image, the lips become very thin towards the outer edges, creating a ratio difference between the top and bottom lip. Using Micro-droplets and the lip tenting technique (also called 'Russian Lip Flip'), we have turned out the outer lip edge, created a better ratio all using an undetectable, soft filling technique.


Now all the technical jargon is out of the way, what are you waiting for?! Lets get booking. If you are unsure what method is best for you, we offer FREE consultations in the clinic Tuesday-Saturday to discuss the enhancement techniques best suited to you. Or, if you book and we decide what you have booked isn't the correct method, this can easily be changed on the day - happy days.

So I guess, we'll see you soon!

More images can be found at our Instagram page. Happy scrolling xo

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