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What the heck is Profhilo® and why am I seeing it EVERYWHERE?!

So we've talked a little about skincare, a little about filler and we all know about BOTOX®. But, let me introduce you to their incredible little love child, Profhilo®. A combination of hydrating skincare from the inside out, with a similar composition as dermal filler and results mimicking BOTOX®, this new injectable skin treatment is dominating the market - and we can totally see why.

With dermal fillers, BOTOX®, a million skincare treatments and now Profhilo®, it sometimes feels like they all blur into one?! Allow me to explain the key details about each treatment to make it a tad bit simpler. Time to get a little more wordy... (but just for a second my loves!)


Dermal Filler: Hyaluronic acid capsuled in a net to add volume to the cheeks, lips, chin, nose, jawline or deep folds/scarring. Some filler is harder than others to mimic bone such a those placed on the cheekbone or in the chin, in comparison to softer filler placed in the lips. Dermal filler can be sculpted and moulded to achieve desired results.

BOTOX® Anti-wrinkle injections: Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections relax the muscles in your face to smooth out lines and wrinkles, such as crow's feet and frown lines. BOTOX lasts around 4-6 months and cannot change the overall structure of the face.

Profhilo®: Hyaluronic Acid without the net, with a much more fluid, thinner consistency allowing it to disperse into the dermal layer of the skin. Without having any impact on the muscle like BOTOX or adding volume like filler, Profhilo® feeds the skin for 4 weeks after treatment creating intense hydration, building collagen and elastane, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and overall completion from the inside out rather than traditional skincare methods.


I know when I see words like 'Glow' 'Hydration' 'Luminous' I turn into a child in a sweet shop and WANT IT ALL. Well, Profhilo® gives you all of the above and more. Most commonly given as a two part treatment, Profhilo® is injected into 5 key points in the face. Over the four weeks following your first treatment, see your skin glow, hydrate and bounce. It is then recommended to attend for a second treatment a month later. The four weeks following this will see a burst of collagen, elastane, noticeable improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and a tightening of your skin. Profhilo® is recommended yearly after a dual treatment 4 weeks apart. Two short treatments and fabulous skin for a full year - sign. me. up.

SO, who is this treatment for? We recommend this amazing treatment for the clients who come in and say, "My skin is tired, dull but I don't have blemishes so I don't think a chemical peel will help?!" or, "I don't want BOTOX®, I simply want something to give that youthful look back to my skin!". It is for the ladies and gents wanting a bounce in their skin, a hydrated glow and overall youthful, plump, luminous complexion. Pair Profhilo® with a BOTOX® treatment and you really have the ultimate, one of a kind, anti-ageing skin treatment.

It is the Fritz Bernaise of treatments and you simply cannot do better than the

Fritz Bernaise.

Just a pro life tip, if you cannot pinpoint the above Fritz Bernaise quote, I HIGHLY recommend you watch the movie, Bridesmaids. You're very welcome.

If this treatment sounds like a bit of you or FINALLY the answer to your prayers you've been screaming for years, simply click here to book your appointment slot! As mentioned above, is it recommended to have a dual treatment to see the ultimate benefits. However, we do have the option to book a single treatment if you're not ready to totally commit to two!

So, I guess we'll see you soon! Xo

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